Welcome to Rodeys Room

Welcome to Rodeys Room

Welcome to Rodeys RoomWelcome to Rodeys RoomWelcome to Rodeys Room

Are you tired of your guinea pig going potty on you or on the floor?  Piggy Pants guinea pig diapers are the solution.

Guinea pig diaper testimonials

I really love these. I have to order another.   Works and is great!  Love it so much. 10/10! 


 Wow i love this! Received in 2 business days. Well made. Cute design. Easy to put on my piggie. Just followed the directions and pictures on the sheet. Now we can hold him and not worry about going on our shirt or the floor. He didn't make a fuss at all when he's wearing it either. I only have him in for about 30 min, just long enough to stretch his legs and get some effection❤️ 


I love these Piggy Pants guinea pig diapers from RodeysRoom.  They really work. I have tried everything out there too.No more mess on me or my floor I am so glad I got these.Thanks for a great product. I will be purchasing another.


 Great product. A+


  I love these piggy pants! They are perfect for cuddling and when I clean his cage.   He walks around a little and is very happy with our cuddle times now!


 Thanks so much!!! Great product! 




Squeeker and Rodey enjoying floor time.

Fun time with Bunny

Rodey Playing in the Garbage Can

Squeeker and Rodey Eating Lettuce

Rodey & Squeeker wearing their Piggy Pants ll guinea pig diapers during floor time

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